A Letter to My Representative

Tom Reed, U.S. Rep for New York’s 23rd congressional district

“The numbers are in and it’s clear: this tax bill helps the rich and hurts everybody else.” Adam Davidson, The New Yorker

I have seen you loudly and proudly trumpeting your support for the Republican Tax Plan, a gift for the fattest cats and their corporate cronies. I have watched as you, my representative in Washington, have sided with the ugliest, most wretched and corrupt administration in my lifetime, and I have tried to make my small voice heard. I have called and written, I have supported measures in my community to ameliorate the damage, and lately I have taken to tweeting relevant information to you in the hopes that you pay a bit of attention to your constituents. It seems that your many bullhorn announcements about your recent vote have received no love at all and quite a bit of pushback. I’m not the only one tweeting.

Tweeting. That’s our power, as pathetic as it sounds. And it seems pathetic, honestly, because we — your constituents — hear nothing about facts or reality, only about the lockstep party line, the lie that is pushed by state propaganda. You are in office because of some nefarious gerrymandering in our district and you remain there, for the moment, because some of my neighbors are hard-working, uneducated, unquestioning types who follow a steady diet of state propaganda — namely, Fox News, a corner in which we often find you. You are cynically counting on this propaganda, this steady stream of fearmongering and misinformation, to keep you in the House.

Do you not understand the word “representative”? I am not a statistician, but a little research shows that the median household income in your district is less than 50k/year. These are the very people — your constituents — who will suffer most under this tax plan. This is well known and well reported across all news outlets. Except for Fox News, de facto Trump State TV, the propaganda mill that is working overtime to keep you and your greedy friends in power. Those who benefit are popping the bubbly on their private jets.

Have you missed all reliable reporting about the facts of this bill? Have you not seen the graphs, the stats, the non-partisan fact checking of this pig that you continue to smear lipstick all over? Have you no shame, at all?

Silly question, I know. Shame has flown right out the window with our grasping, groping, gross tweeter-in-chief and you’ve happily grabbed his coattails and are high flying. History will show this era for what it was and you are going to be on the wrong and wicked side of it.

We are watching. We are not stupid. And we are whispering in the ears of our hoodwinked neighbors, fighting with our small voices this propaganda spew that you prop up with your power.

Here are some of the links I’ve tweeted regarding the bill you’ve supported. A bit of your time and research would, I’m sure, be appreciated by those in your district. Those that you claim to represent.



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