Not All Women

A response to India Knight’s bad take

Lisa Renee


Photo by visuals on Unsplash

On Mother’s Day Sunday, the Times UK published India Knight’s column entitled, “Can we just cool it with this menopause mania?”

Oh my god where to start.

Here’s a quote:

“ … mostly I know women who just accepted the menopause as a minor and temporary inconvenience, joked about it, rolled their eyes at it, refused to be defined by it and carried on with their lives, as women do.”

As women do. *Rolls eyes into oblivion*

Yes India, I too know many women for whom meno was a “minor and temporary inconvenience.” I also know many women like me who struggled with a host of debilitating “symptoms” and wrestled with a dismissive, patriarchal system.

What I would have given for a minor and temporary inconvenience.

I’m happy for you and your negligible menopause, India, but the best gyno I was able to finally find told me of her suicidal patients, women staggering into her office unsure if they would survive the day. It’s a very real nightmare for many women.

To continue the enraging quote:

“That is not because we are elderly drudges crushed into thinking that complaining is unseemly and nobly keeping silent about our suffering. It is because there is quite a lot of other stuff to be getting on with and the suffering is pretty minor, all things considered.”

Omfg I just can’t with this woman.

YES, there is QUITE A LOT of other stuff! Suffering was not “pretty minor,” India! Suffering was epic, operatic, sometimes damned near unraveling! And to suggest that your experience should inform those of others is myopic, dismissive, and positively infuriating.

The culture has dismissed the pain of women and the struggles of menopause FOREVER and now, just as a hopeful awareness seems to be growing, we get a headline like this. Written by a woman, of course, carrying the water for the patriarchy.

“I genuinely had no idea I was menopausal,” she says and then tells the rest of us to chill out.


She suggests that our “mania” is only serving to frighten young women.