The Logical Conclusion

Four Years of Madness Ends Exactly as Expected

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Four years ago, I wrote like mad. I ranted and raved, trying to write myself to some truth, or at least some understanding. I, like most Americans, was stunned by the 2016 election, afraid of the future. I briefly entertained the idea that it wouldn’t last long, that our system of checks and balances would save us from the Republicans and their Trojan monster.

How quaint it seems now.

We are all being taken for a ride, sent up the river for the price of a show, promised a spectacle of “soft sensuality,” if we will only stop worrying about things like morality and decency and ethics and law, if we just promise to look away, bury the questions, quell curiosity about the truth. — January, 2017

Here we are, exactly four years later, more storm-tossed and weary than many of us ever imagined. But we knew it all. And we watched with horror every single day as it unfolded. Public record shows that DJT has always been an unscrupulous, narcissistic, racist with deep ties to organized crime. We have watched much of the Republican party enable his madness and fan the flames of destruction for four years.

What facilitated these years of possibly irreparable damage?

I asked a lot of questions in January, 2017:

Is it possible that this character, this smug, psychotic maniac, is actually nothing but a puppet of power-mad actors, easily manipulated for the benefit of the few and the elevation of evil, regardless of his false face and puppet strings?

Could it be that a collection of unapologetic racists, cowards, misogynists, xenophobes, haters, and bloated billionaires are not the best pool from which to draw our guiding lights, our policy makers, our defenders and our representatives, the faces that we show the world?

Is it possible that a very large, very grave mistake has been made on the global stage and, though blood is on our hands, there are voices numbering in the millions that speak in favor of a wiser path and perhaps we should pause and consider history, consider reason, consider our future?

Has madness overtaken us, is this the future, are we so lost and so hamstrung, tongue-tied, hobbled, and hornswoggled by this Orwellian, this Carrollian, this Baumian moment that we are missing it all, dumb to truth, down the hole, refusing to acknowledge what’s behind the curtain?

It’s impossible to understand how our entire system has allowed this cartoon conman to trash everything we hold dear. Every single day. He is the poster boy of carnage, but it could never have happened without the enablers: Congressional Republicans, obsequious apologists, wannabe royalists, bowing and scraping at the feet of their tinpot king. Some power mad, others no doubt compromised, enough of them failed to check a madman, failed to balance, failed to impeach, and here we are.

Here we are, battered and bewildered at the back end of a national nightmare. Is it any wonder that white supremacists have occupied the US Capitol, when they have been seated in the White House? Can we be surprised at the confederate flag flying in the halls of Congress, when our leaders ushered it in? For four years, I have written my dismay and disgust, my wonder at the willful destruction of democracy.

Now, we watch the real-time unfolding of a nightmare, a jaw-dropping display of vulgar disregard for all the things we cherish but take for granted. Freedom of speech. Decency. Human rights. Voting rights. Science. Reasoned discourse. Dignity. Art. Family. Intelligence. The Supreme Court.

Is nothing left untarnished in this madhouse? — 2018

Nothing, it seems, is left untarnished. Now, we’re faced with insurrection. Sedition. Treason. The logical conclusion. I am deeply ashamed of my country, and deeply afraid for our future.

What now?

Write it down.

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