The tough thing for me — and I’m doing it right now — is that I love conversations. I love responding and I love when people respond. It’s a wonderful feature on Medium.

I complained (too much, maybe?) about the way that responses junked up my profile page here —

— and the lovely people at Medium have made that better. Responses are now a separate tab on our profile pages. It’s elegant and I love it.

But, now we’re faced with responses junking up the feed. And it really impacts discoverability and the way that we read.

I’m not suggesting that we should stop responding, stop conversing. It’s part of what makes Medium vibrant. It would just be nice to not see all of it, all the time. It is distracting. If we’re interested in conversations, we can follow the response trail at the end of a post.

Of course, I just remembered this —

— which is a perfect example of why this is a tough issue. This is a response that the esteemed Gutbloom wrote to another Mediuman which is as eloquent and lovely as anyone’s original post. I probably would have missed it had it not turned up in my feed.

So, is there a way to keep the meaty, beautiful responses in my feed and hide the rest? Can I have all the things that I want, please? I’m worried that I’m asking for a perfect world.

Hey, Alexainie, thanks for responding.

Write it down.