Wimbledon! Just the ticket in this miserable heat wave/news cycle/minor droning crisis. Can Fed do it again? We didn’t think Rafa could win the French again, but there he was, hoisting La Coupe des Mousquetaires — again. I wrote a thing about it.

I don’t miss Djokovic AT ALL, but see that he made it to the Queen’s final. I didn’t watch any of it — was the field tough? Is he on the rise (again) or was it luck?

You know who I like these days, oddly? Diego Schwartzman. He’s sitting just outside the top 10, he’s a gas to watch, and he’s tiny. Like, maybe even shorter than me. I’m often all about the stories and the visual. Human interest.

Does Serena storm back, post-baby? I’d believe anything from her.

I’m thrilled to find you’ve been writing about tennis on Quora — I’ll have to check it out. Maybe I should try playing tennis again, instead of sitting on my ass watching everyone else get fit and have fun. But then, there’s the knee. And the foot. And it’s so hot!

Your advice to avoid the news and the tweets is sound, my husband is taking the same approach. Maybe you guys are right, but I want to be looking when the GOOD NEWS shows up. Of course, that’s assuming there will be any good news.

I have to find strawberries.

Write it down.

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